How to display different Currency Symbols in SSRS

In this post i will discuss about how to display different Currency Symbols in SSRS or in other words i would say how to format fields to show currency  like Pound,Dollar,Euro etc in SSRS.

In the figure below i want to display SalesAmount in Pound Currency. So i will go to SalesAmount TextBox property window .The shortcut for this is to select SalesAmount TextBox and press F4 as shown below and choose the Language to en-GB. 


currency symbols in ssrs


Here in the figure above en represents English  and GB represents Great Britain.

In the same way you can format fields to show other currency codes like (USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, etc).

For example to display other Currency Symbols like dollars you need to choose en-US and for Indian Rupees you need to choose hi-IN .

Now right click on SalesAmount textbox and go to TextBox Properties.


currency symbols in ssrs


In the TextBox Properties windows , choose Number and then select Currency and you will find that numbers are displaying in pound currency code and the Symbol dropdown list is automatically selected as £ English (United Kingdom) as shown below.


currency symbols in ssrs


Now the report will show Sales Amount field in £ currency format.


currency symbols in ssrs


Note:Now if you don’t know what language to set for the textbox property which I set as (en-GB)  in my first figure of this blog then you can click on the dropdown list of Symbol option and change the currency symbol in which you are interested as shown below


currency symbols format fields ssrs

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