Microsoft BI Training

msbi online training offers Microsoft Business Intelligence Online Training course for 15 days. Each class will be of 8 hours per day.
In the Microsoft Business Intelligence online tutorial classes the three different components of MSBI stack will be discussed.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) lessons: The participant will learn the concepts of Data warehouse and ETL tool which is used to extract, transform and load the data. The ETL project will be created using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). Its old name was Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). For more info please click here. 
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) lessons: The attendant will learn how to generate report using SSDT and Report Builder. Also participant will learn management and delivery of the report which includes deployment, caching, snapshot, security and subscription of the report). For more info please click here.
SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) lessons: The attendant will learn how to build the multidimensional cube . The participants will also study how to write the code of Multi Dimensional Expressions(MDX) script to query SSAS multidimensional cube. For more info please click here.
The SQL Server MSBI training online will include SSIS SSRS SSAS training.5 days study for SSIS , 4 days study for SSRS and 6 days study for SSAS .

The Microsoft BI Training Course will be interactive and delivered by the instructor Vikas Munjal from India. He also provides onsite training at company’s location like Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore etc. and abroad. Please click on the profile from the menu option. These course contents will also be helpful in passing business intelligence certification which is MCSE BI platform

Apart from MSBI online training , provides another option of MSBI training in India.Trainee is required to take a trip to New Delhi , India through the air for the training from his own country. The  accommodation, meals, and other services for travelers like take up the trainee from the aiport and later dropping at the airport will be organized by The total amount  spent by the trainee for the training will be half the amount spent for the same training in countries like UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, UAE (Dubai,  Abu Dhabi), Oman, Qatar, Singapore and Hong Kong etc.. Please click on the offshore training option for more details from the menu of the website.

The MSBI course contents can be tailored based on the need and experience of the attendant. For example if the participant is only interested in SSIS and SSRS training or SSRS and SSAS training or SSIS and SSAS training. The participant may be interested in few contents of T SQL queries and sql server developer concepts. That can also be included based on the requirement.

Duration : 15 Days

Free Demo session will be provided. 

Online Training Cost : USD 2400

Face to Face Training in India : USD 2400 + Accomodation Charges

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