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SQL Server Contract, SubContracting, consulting, hire, ask your questions or doubts in SQL Server Querying, Developer, SSIS, SSAS and SSRS provided by ellarr.com

If you are a developer or you are new to the technology or you are unable to find the correct solution or unable to make correct logic of the problem and you need help. You may be new to SQL Server , SSIS ,SSAS or SSAS  technologies and struggling in your work and taking more time in development. May be you are not aware of the best practice or concept which is supposed to be used in the real time scenario . You need the start or helping person or mentor who guide you how to solve the problem. You can ask your problem from ellarr.com You just need to send me the email along with the snapshots .Most of the time you will be given a solution by creating a sample solution and email will be sent back to you. Infact the relevant training can also be provided in case the professional doesn’t know the concept.The solutions will be provided by Vikas Munjal who is the owner of ellarr.com. Vikas Munjal  provides corporate trainings and consultancy. To know more about him please click the following links
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You can also hire me in case you are looking a Microsoft SQL Server professional in India for contracing or subcontracting work.

    1.  Contract Directly :Any company which wants to hire a contractor or consultant for a SQL Server,SSIS,SSAS and SSRS developer then they can directly approach to me. I will work online from India . I may come to client location for a very short duration but i would like to work from India. Another advantage of this approach will be that you don’t need to arrange visa for me. The cost to the company will be much less
      as compared to hiring a consulatant within their own country but the quality will be very high.
    2. SubContract : It has been observed that these days many IT professionals in USA,Australia,New Zealand,UK,Netherland,Ireland or other Europian country professionals are preferring to work as a contractor.They don’t like to do full time IT job. Ellarr.com is providing offer to those people as well. Those contractors can get the contract of SQL Server and then outsource to me . They can take the development work like SQL Development,SSIS,SSRS and SSAS and then later subcontract the work to me. I WILL DO IT ONLINE FROM INDIA. In this way an individual person or a single person company will get the chance to grow as a bigger company.
    The per hour fees will be USD 30 and the minimum charges will be USD 10.