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online ssas training

Online SSAS Training course is for 6 days. The training sessions will be for 8 hours per day.

The online Analysis Services training classes will be based on interactive learning. The SSAS Training lessons will be delivered by Vikas Munjal from India. Please click here to see more about the instructor..He also provides onsite training in India like Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Banglore etc. The MSBI SSAS Training Course will start from learning basics of SSAS and will reach to the advanced SSAS.
This course will also aid in preparing Microsoft certification exams. These contents will be useful for preparing exam number 70-466 and 70-467 which are the part of MCSE BI Platform Certification.

SSAS Training in India

Apart from ssas online training, candidate can undertake the course in India. In this option participant is required to visit New Delhi, India. We shall book a comfortable hotel for the delegate. For more details please find your relevant teaching modes from the menu option. The overall training expenditure will still be half vis-à-vis UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Dubai, US , Singapore etc.

SSAS training course will have the contents to develop, manage and query the multidimensional cube. The query language used to select data from the cube is MDX (Multidimensional Expressions).
We provide participant a separate MDX training course or complete course of SSAS cube then the course contents and the number of days can be customized according to the need and experience of the participant.

Why do we need SQL Server Analysis Services

The business analysts are interested in summary data or summary reports like weekly sales reports, monthly sales reports etc but the data warehouse has a lot of detailed data like per day sale. When the report is generated directly from the data warehouse then developer needs to write a lot of group by clauses to generate the summary result in T SQL script. A lot of processing is done by the SQL Server Database Engine to convert detailed data into summary data. When the data warehouse size becomes very big then generating reports from the data warehouse becomes very time consuming.
To overcome this problem Microsoft introduced SQL Server Analysis Services technology which is the part of Microsoft Business Intelligence. Using Online Analytical Processing SSAS training, one can store data in Multidimensional format also called OLAP cubes and data can be pre aggregated. It means summary results can be already stored in the cube. When the report is generated from the cube the calculation doesn’t take place at runtime and data is retrieved directly from the pre aggregated calculations already stored within the cube.


Duration 6 days

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Online Training Cost : USD 960

Face to Face Training in India : USD 960 + Accomodation Charges

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