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SQL Server Online training – provides live online training in SQL Server. All the lectures will be delivered by the instructor. It is a instructor led sql server virtual training.

All the training in SQL Server will be delivered by the trainer Vikas Munjal from New Delhi, India. The advantage of attending the training from that you will be sure who will be the instructor before attending the course. This is how differs from many other companies because in other companies you book the course and you are not sure who will be the trainer. Vikas Munjal is highly experienced in Microsoft SQL Server Technology. He is MIcrosoft Certified Trainer. Please click here to see the complete profile of Vikas Munjal. You can also watch our Youtube Channel and be sure how the training is teaching .The trainer uses digial board and digital pen to deliver his training. It will appear to the student as if the student is attending the SQL Server Online Training face to face. Please click the Youtube channel (Youtube channel Link) to watch how trainer is presenting SQL Server contents.

Following are the courses which are available online:

The duration of the training will be 8 hour per day. As the trainer will teach from India and the student can be anywhere in the world , is flexible to teach according to the delegate’s time zone or delegate and trainer can fix time which can be suitable for both.

The cost of the training will be 3 to 4 times less as compared to the training in US, UK, Dubai, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong etc..But the quality of the training will be world class. The trainer always focuses on creating images and diagrams to deliver the lectures and also demonstrate the practicles on tools whatever he teaches. His examples are based on real time situations. The style of teaching also promotes interactive sessions so that the student can ask questions and it helps the student to increase his/her thinking power. Lab exercises along with the solutions will be provided to the students. They can install these lab exercises on their laptop or PC and follow the step by step instructions for their handson or practice.

The advantage of virtual training is that you don't need to travel anywhere, you just need to sit at your home and focus on study.

Vitual online training in SQL Server will help to save time and money both. This training is not only for foreign participants but this sql server online training and MSBI online training is also for participants in India – Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc.

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