Testimonial 1

Vikas Munjal is very knowledgeable in SQL Server and tailored my class to not only cover the material in the syllabus but he also went into great depth on subjects which I had indicated as weak points in my knowledge. His grasp on the subject was so complete that he easily, and mostly without reference, transitioned from one topic to another as I asked questioned. I could tell he cared about the subject and whether I understood everything he was teaching me. It was a very effective training method.


Testimonial 2

SSAS Training MDX

Awesome instruction. I’m sold. I’ve done a handful of tech courses thru others. Ellarr is the best! Cost of the training was also very less And Vikas is the best instructor I’ve ever had period.


Testimonial 3

MSBI Training

Excellent Instructor. He gave me a lot of real time examples during MSBI training.I was working on SSIS SSAS and SSRS for last four years and i learnt it on the job but after training with Vikas my lot of gaps were filled. He has good hands on the Business Intelligence tools.It never appeared to me that i am attending online training. It appeared as if it is face to face.


Testimonial 4

SSRS Training
V good training. Vikas is an excellent trainer and has very good knowledge on the subject. He is dedicated and sincere. Always responds to the queries and provides best possible solutions. Overall great experience to learn from him. Vikas has everything – a trainer requires. Best trainer!